There are various debates going on , here in the riviera but the one that languishes the most and has divided our territory for centuries is: Where was the first made (born)?
Piada, for however familiar it appears to’ us, it shouldn’t be’ considered like a son, born from one mother . Piada, here in our house, is by everyone and for everyone, more similar to’ something greater, a faith, an ideology and
for that reason, everyone has the right and pleasure to’ garnish the piada with one’s tastes, or to’ the territory and the products offered locally.
On Via Don Bosco you can smell it in the air, the Zdore(matronly Cook),
Rimini of the past, a unique taste: piada. Piada has ancient origions. We only began to’ cultivate it in 1978. A family business that stands out for it’s, ingrediantes, flavors, smells and tastes and has become one of Rimini’s more
characteristic gastronomic stopovers.




I’m Mirko and  after having been brought up between the apron of my Mom and the flour covered hands of my Dad, I bought the the business my family had run with passion and dedication since 1978.
We make piada, here, our way, putting all our attention into mantaining and preserving that same flavor (taste?), that as a boy, made up my lunch, afternoon snack and sometimes, dinner.
That tradition is preserved, held onto closley and unchanged. We’re the keepers of that tradition, we’re the keepers of piada in Rimini.

Ciana and Monda is your classic piadineria, where piada is king and there’s no room for anything else, where our attention is reserved for him and our satisfaction gained everyday, everytime we see you, our customer, return through that door.

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Piadina of the Ciana and Monda can be found only in via Don Bosco 1, Rimini, Italy
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